Where I've been

My grades were turned in Wednesday and Summer has officially begun! I'm still going in to school three days a week to work on my tenure case, but with no students around I get so much done!

Before the quarter's end I attended a conference at Princeton. Here I am looking as if I walked off the set of "A Beautiful Mind."

And before I left I wrapped up an independent study with two of my students, Tom and Wes. The focus was on pre-visualization for special effects and for their final they attempted to composite fire onto video of their apartment building. They needed someplace safe to film the fire so we did it in my backyard. It was great fun and a learning experience for us all.

Also, I finally had a chance to update the Etsy shop with a bunch of stuff, and I'll be adding this Rock 'N' Roll blanket tomorrow.

And a little gift came for me in the mail. This was meant from Charlie and Jaxon for Mother's Day but it had to make its way from Singapore. It went with me to Princeton and to NQA, which you will be seeing more of in the next couple of days!


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