Thank You gifts

I have a super cool aunt named Beth (of course) who always comes through for me. I called her this week and said, "What am I going to with Jaxon during the funeral?" My parents are in NC on vacation and all of Charlie's family will be with us in Columbus, an hour-and-a-half from our usual daycare.

She immediately responded "I'll call Claire!" Claire is her sister (Beth is married to my uncle Van) and she has done in-home daycare for 25 years. Claire said to bring him on over. What a relief!

So I whipped up two more wristlets like before, only this time I quilted them (layering the outer layer of the wristlet with batting and muslin). I like how they turned out, only I think the pattern needs a longer strap (note to self for next time).

Claire's in the brown (quilted in bright pink with a bright pink lining) and Beth's is the black and yellow (quilted in black with a yellow lining).

I thought this was a good opportunity to practice my machine quilting so I attempted a little echo quilting around one of the flowers. I need more practice. I kept the black one simple since it is pieced.

Beth has no idea it's coming so I'm hoping she doesn't check the blog before she gets it. If she does -- sorry I ruined the surprise!


Thimbleanna said...

Those are really cute Beth! I've been wanting to make something similar to that for a long time -- thanks for the reminder!

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