A little more quilting

I worked a bit more with my perle cotton. I finished the panel, and I have started the blocks (it looks much better with the basting ripped out, right??). Here's a quick shot of the panel, you may have to click on the picture to really see what I've done. Excuse the wrinkles, I've been toting it around with me.

The next couple of pictures are a bit blown out -- they were taken with my iPhone with a very bright window beside us.

School starts tomorrow so we had a little end of the summer celebration at my favorite Sushi restaurant. Yes, my dad and Jaxon are sharing the pizza that's in the background there.

The owner and waitstaff always remember us, and our server made Jaxon "training" chopsticks. He enjoyed eating his pizza with them. We did have one strange moment though. Jaxon is really coming along with his vocabulary and we know what he is attempting to say about 85% of the time, but he has started saying what sounds like "f**ky." We can't figure this out. When he says it we start pointing to things to try to interpret "f**ky," but we have yet to discover it. Tonight at dinner he started saying it. My dad asked Jaxon if he was going to eat his cheese. Jaxon responded with what sounded almost exactly like "f**k you."

We all knew that he was just forming sounds -- he has never heard that phrase and wouldn't understand how to use it if he had, but it still takes you by surprise when a two year old yells "f**k you!" And it's really hard not to laugh. I worked a bit trying to figure it out tonight and I think f**ky" might be monkey. We'll keep working on that.

I made a couple of back to school resolutions this year. (1) I am going to attempt to choose my outfits for the entire week Sunday night so I don't stand in my closet every morning wondering what to wear, and (2) I am going to pack our lunches the night before so I am less tempted to eat out (yeah, right) and I don't rush around every morning making Jaxon's.

We'll see how long this lasts!


Jacquie said...

your work with the perle cotton looks great...i tried it on a quilt, but gave up. cute story...i'm sure you'll figure out what he's trying to say soon.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Beth! It looks like you're making great progress with your quilt. Are you having fun doing it? I love quilting that way for something different!

Got a big chuckle out of Jaxon's new vocabulary! All I can say (as a mother of two boys) is "Just you wait!" LOL

Louise said...

Beth it looks great and what perfect fabric to do perle quilting on. Fabulous. Maybe Jaxon is trying to say 'thank you'?! Daphne's favourite word at the moment is 'yucky'!

Molly said...

More pizza for me too! As for your new school year resolutions...you just have to do what you can when you can.

Ferjenib said...

Wow! First it's the bus that goes hore hore and now the other phrase! What do you think "trick or treat" will sound like? Good idea on the resolutions: I too am packing lunch the night before AND laying out clothes. We're doing the same thing with M. - Love J

PS. Our fabric did come in. Do you want me to send it?

Anonymous said...

The fabric panel has quilted up beautifully - well done!

kirsten said...

funny story (not) i got a note from my son's school last year saying that when he was in time out he was yelling F-you. Nope. he's never heard that. and definitely never yelled in anger. ticked me off that they thought he'd say it, but i'm sure it sounded like it.

Traci said...

Ok... I admit if I was around you could blame me for teaching Jaxon how to say "f**k you" or worse, but this time I'm innocent. No promises when I visit! :-)

Zarina said...

I'm sorry but I stumbled to your blog while surfing for quilting ideas. I love the quilt but am wondering what material did you use - is it cotton sateen?

And what is this perle cotton - I know it is a thread.

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