"I can't go to sleep until Daddy gives me the clap."

Yes, Jaxon calls high fives "claps." And last night he couldn't sleep until he got a high five. Or "the clap."


All my work projects are coming to a head, and I had one of those days yesterday...

My ankle is still swollen so I am still slogging around in the flattest shoes I can find. I was getting Jaxon situated in the car and I slid on some gravel. I skinned up my knee and now it is nicely black and blue (Jaxon's reaction: "Mommy, WHY would you fall down?" Yes, I choose the silliest times to fall down.) Then as we were making our way into the house, one of the eyelets on my dress caught on a drawer pull and ripped.


I had scheduled to stay home today and have used the day to do only things that appealed. So it has made up for yesterday.

This week I have found a little time to work on last month's Bee blocks...

And I made a super quick purse from some surprising fabric...

I'll share more on this soon!


Jackie said...

Was it a favorite dress too? You're really having a time of it.

FerJeniB said...

Ouch. Your poor legs.

I am going to add to my website "Things my MIL says on vacation..." She had some interesting innocent comments about hard candy that Marcelo found very amusing.



Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- love that title! And Mommy -- What were you thinking??? I sure hope tomorrow is a better day for you! Can't wait to see more of your purse too.

BaileyGirl5 said...

Jaxon is hysterical! Isn't having a little boy the funnest thing ever?! I'm lucky that I had three. (Good news.... They're still funny when they're big!)

Love your blocks, they look like open envelopes. Probably with some great mail inside too :)

The WoodLand School said...

I think this will be a new quotable quote at bedtime around The WoodLand School!
Sorry about your knee, dress, and (still!) ankle. Hope you're really truly on the mend soon :-)

April said...

Your headline made me CRACK.RIGHT.UP. I have to show it to my husband.

Anonymous said...

When Pip was little he used to say, "You can't count on me."

He didn't like it when I counted to three to make him hurry up.

Funny how they say things that make perfect sense, but are oh, so wrong.

~Michelle~ said...

So...in many, many moons, you'll be able to pull up this blog post for Jaxon, and explain how you had a hard time not laughing over the clap.

And your poor legs & dress - all you can do is laugh, I guess?

And I eye spy Liberty of London... :)

MJ said...

Oh dear. Shows you what kind of company I've kept (criminal law clients). I was quite worried about disease when you spoke of the clap. I'm quite relieved that there is no clap altho I would hope you would heal soon!

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