Scavenger Hunt: April

I've been meaning to take part in the photo scavenger hunt since January when I saw it at Anna's. Finally, I jumped onboard...almost. I'm shy two (and a half) photos.

a church: This is actually the chapel at OU -- as a non-denominational public university we don't have a church, but I am counting it.

a cross: Again, not a literal translation, but I think the Dogwood should count.

a sculpture: Another OU icon, this sculpture, by David Hostetler, stands outside Alden Library.

a set of keys: Obviously, Jaxon's

an interesting shop name: The Plaid Butterfly, in old Nelsonville

April Showers: We've seen too many of them this month -- lots of flooding in the area.

breakfast: I forgot to take a photo of the lovely breakfast I had with my friend Lisa, but outside the cafe was this little plate of "breakfast" for local dogs.

eggs: HHHMMMM...chocolate!

something yellow: These daffodils sprout up in the field across from our house every spring.

your camera: This is the half...I actually took this shot when I got my camera.

And the two I missed: something to mark St. George's Day and something to do with Shakespeare. Bummer, but now I have a goal of getting them all in May.


happy zombie said...

I'm diggin' this scavenger hunt, Beth! It's sooo cool, and I love your photos!

Rose said...

Cool pics! The Hostetler one is beautiful with all the flowers. Will's been a big fan of his since he had to take his portrait in college.

The WoodLand School said...

I LOVE all these Springtime images of Athens! Sniff ... I might be a little homesick :-)

Great captures ... looks like a fun project!

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

Oh, I wish I had time for a photo scavenger hunt! I love taking photos so much. But my 2010 New Year's Resolution was to only focus on one hobby at a time. So if I return to photography I have to give up sewing. Gasp. Blasphemy.

I like your interpretation of "cross" and I really like that sculpture. I'm returning to my alma mater this weekend for my sister's graduation and hope to get to take some shots of fun things there. We'll see!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful job Beth! Are you sure those aren't your keys??? ;-)

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