Wonky Zips

If I had a band I would call it Wonky Zips.

My mom made me this dress, and while I think it's super cute (almost as cute as Jaxon in his Frank shirt and briefs), the zipper is a bit defective and sticks horribly. In fact, I've only been able to wear the dress once, and haven't been able to get the zipper past the halfway point since.

I've read online to use bar soap or pencil lead to lubricate the zipper. Have any of you tried this to success? Any other ideas?

I found this video and find it hysterical.That dude isn't getting his un-lubed q-tip anywhere near that zipper.

WAIT, that's my band name -- un-lubed q-tip. Anyone want to join?


~Michelle~ said...

Are the Wonky Zips the opening act for the Pickin' Wedgies? It's the "Wardrobe Nightmare Tour 2011"... Any way that the zip can be replaced?

Michele said...

Those are great band names! If you can use a glockenspiel player, I'm in! DING!

MJ said...

Hmph. I was watching The View this morning & caught the tail-end of one guest who was test-trying various "Available only via TV" products & he was raving about some gadget which resolved zipper issues. I was trying to re-watch The View to see what the product was but the internet won't permit me because I'm not from the USA. Perhaps you could watch it & get the product? See: http://abc.go.com/watch/the-view/167365

MJ said...

Found it! Here's the link: http://www.instantzipper.com/

pinajean said...

How about Mom replace the zipper? Rather than the invisible, with an exposed funky metal one?

Mama Bear said...

I would totally sing in your band. Either name would be great and both crack me up equally.

Pretty dress! Bummer abot the zipper.

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