A Black Hole over Logan?

I was very pleased with myself today, I got HALF of the fabric cut for my quilt (only a week late). And then I saw what everyone else in the "home arts" world is doing. Are everyone else's days longer? Am I somehow losing six or seven hours every day?

I have started trolling other craft-y blogs ( a couple fun ones are Dioramarama and Wee Wonderfuls), and today I came across Anna Maria Horner's. She's amazing. Check out these BEAUTIFUL jackets she made her daughters. *sigh*

So in lieu of a progress report, I have a new favorite recipe:

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Throw the following into your crock pot:
Two or three large frozen chicken breasts
One can of tomato juice (about 12 oz)
One can of kidney beans (or rinsed black beans)
One can of corn
Chopped fresh cilantro
One small can of diced green chilis
3 cloves of minced garlic
Chili powder (couple of tsp)
Black pepper (@ tsp)
Cumin (@ tsp)
Fill to the top(ish) with chicken broth

Cook on High for three hours (or low for seven), remove the chicken and shred or cube.
Put the chicken back in and cook for another hour. Serve with a handful of shredded cheese, a dollop of sour cream, and tortilla chips.



My Happy Turtle said...

Progress report? No one needs to deliver a progress report when their child is less than one year old! I think I spent all of my free time when Xander was an infant crying. Seriously. And the soup recipe looks great! We've been crock potting it like crazy here since winter finally arrived. I'll try this one over the weekend.

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