The blahs of January

It's a good thing January isn't longer -- I would never get anything done!

I've noticed over the last month a lot of bloggers have been complaining that come January motivation seems to go. I agree! But I did complete a couple of projects I'd like to share with you.

I finished my Four Seasons Winter Quilt right on time. Here it is:

The front -- my first appliqued quilt!

A detail of the "gifts" beneath the tree -- my first hand quilting!

The back -- notice my first mitered binding!

All in all I think it turned out pretty good. I did cheat a bit on the size inadvertently. No side is supposed to be long than 20" -- this is 18" x 24". Realized my mistake after I appliqued the tree.

I hope my swap partner likes it!

Remember a few weeks ago when Jaxon was sick? All over me? Multiple times? Yeah, that was fun. I was wearing a cardigan sweater I have had for years -- cashmere from the sale rack. I put it in the washer knowing that it might not survive. It didn't, but I didn't want to throw it away.

The sleeve was getting threadbare -- the wash cycle sent it over the edge. It also ended up with a hole on the front.

I decided to use it on another Frenchy Bag from Amy Butler's pattern. It had been awhile! I made the handbag size with longer straps. The sweater was easier to work with than I thought it would be, and I am really happy with the outcome. I used fabric from the clearance rack for the rest.

Sorry about the weird perspective -- it makes the top look a bit wonky.

And finally, to wish you a happy February...Jaxon peaking through the eyeholes in his carb book:


Louise said...

Beth your quilt looks wonderful and well done you for finishing on time. I think all the Aussies are running late because we're enjoying a lazy Summer! Still, the holiday is over so we have get on with it now. That bag is completely brilliant and I so want one - great save!

Molly said...

I have had it with January and winter in general. Your sweater bag cheered me up however. I think I may hit my closet for some inspiration.

Ferjenib said...

I too have had it with January. D is in Cali and we are up for 5-9 inches of snow tomorrow! Kudos on the quilt and the bag. I need more Jax photos to brighten my winter! Aunie Jen Jen misses him so... - hugs - J

peppermintpatcher said...

Very clever cardigan recycling!

(certainly a better idea than employing elbow patches!)

hooli said...

it's here!!! I love it and want to post a fabulous note on my blog thanking you. But wanted to let you know -- in case it takes me a day to get to my blog.
It really made my day. I've had pneumonia and have been really struggling this month, so it was such a joy to find a cheery little package in the mail. Also, I would like to say that the buckeye whatevers that you sent were inhaled by my boys and me before we even got back to the house (from the mailbox).

jessi said...

great projects! I love the fabrics you paired in the bag!

Jane's Designs said...

Love you bag, that is how I first found your blog because of the sweet bags that you make and Jaxon doesn't look the least bit crabby to me.

susan said...

the purse turned out lovely! i am assuming its lined? i have wanted to make a purse out of sweater material, but was afraid it wouldnt be sturdy enough....

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