The curse is broken -- third time's a charm. I have finally successfully completed a swap -- Julia liked the quilt I sent her, and I received a quilt this week from Lucy. Look how cute:

Title: "Frosty Window" (Can't you just hear the Christmas Waltz)

Thanks again, Lucy, I love it! Also she sent me some homemade olive oil soap -- just what my dry skin needs!

This turned out to be quite the "handmade week," or maybe "Etsy Week." I ordered Charlie's Valentine's Day gift from Etsy seller daisymay, a hand stamped sterling silver key chain with Jaxon's name and birthdate.

I got a belated Christmas present from my MIL, from Etsy seller Keys and Memories.

And I am now an Etsy seller! I used Tuesday's snow day to upload the pictures I had taken ages ago and list some items. Check it out: http://modernjax.etsy.com

And finally, Jaxon spent a day this week lovin' on the pets. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Nice work with the etsy store!

I love the typewriter key bracelets. I have even seen one in person on this side of the world!

Louise said...

Yay for you! I really love Lucy's quilt so I'm glad it's gone to a good home!

susan said...

yea, etsy!! cant wait to see your goodies. jaxon is adorable!

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