Things around here are just dreary...rainy and chilly. I'm beginning to feel like the cold has crept into my bones. Where is spring?

I did get a couple of crafts done before Easter for a little decorating in the dining room.

I turned my bunny embroidery into some eggs to adorn branches. I've seen branches used around blogland to great effect (like here and here), but it didn't work so well for me. I didn't actually want to cut anything off the trees, so I took twigs from a pile that Jaxon and I had collected earlier in the week. Once in the house they *tormented* Jaxon. I kept finding him offering them to the dog to chew.

And these little stuffies were great fun to make. Two bunnies and a kitty from the Chibi Rabbit tutorial...

I made some Rugelach to celebrate my Jewish friends, and brother-in-law, and that cheered me up for a bit (although I had to eat them with hot tea because, once again, I am cold).

But this guy could cheer up a pig on Easter eve:

PS You might have notice a couple of additions to the right column. I updated my books list and added the Spring to Finish button. I am joining Jacquie in hopes of finishing some WIPs. The WIPs list (which I believe is still incomplete) is also now in the right column.

PPS The results of the Dr. Seuss contest are in and I didn't place...which I am slightly bummed about but there were some seriously cute quilts in the competition. I'm blaming my loss on poor photographic representation. So it's my fault either way.


~Michelle~ said...

WA-all-E! What a cutie!

And don't blame yourself on the photos...I thought you captured your quilt just fine. Instead, I think its a product of people liking picture interpretations better than words - words cause too much mental turbulence to absorb them. That's why so many people don't read books, I think. That's why I don't always read magazines - I just want to look at the pictures to determine whether or not to read. Plus, for whatever reason, I don't think people fully grasped exactly how difficult it probably was to piece those tiny little letters - OY! I know I wouldn't want to do it! I shudder just thinking about that task. It would be easier to just applique shapes.

and in case I didn't articulate clearly in that bit of rambling - that was meant to be a compliment! ;)

Stephanie said...

Those green walls would cheer me up! Love that color. Easter weekend in Ohio was just spectacular but definitely dreary early this week. Great for sewing! Love your Easter tree.

Thimbleanna said...

It IS dreary isn't it? Will spring EVER get here??? Jaxon is getting so big -- what a cutie!

The WoodLand School said...

Remember ... April showers bring May flowers ; )

Sorry about the Seuss quilt ... for what it's worth, I adore it!

MJ said...

Great Easter projects! I too am disappointed you didn't place in the Dr Seuss contest! I voted for you!

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