Bunny Love

I had a rough week, way too much bad news. I needed a quick pick me up, so I planned a little embroidery to add to some Easter decorations.

I snatched up a yard of this fabric about a minute after I saw it on Pickled Pear Lane (from Anna Griffin's Riley line). I thought maybe I'd make some fabric eggs or a bunting for Easter. I taped the fabric to our french doors to let the light shine through...

...and held some leftover linen over it. I traced a few bunnies onto the linen with a water soluble pen.

Can you make out the bunny I drew? Maybe if you click?

And here are my three completed bunnies ready to adorn some eggs. Are the tails too big, do you think?

By the way, thanks for all the comments on my Dr. Seuss quilt over at Flickr. Because there were less entries than expected, Diane has moved voting here. Please feel free to cast a vote for my pieced letters!


jacquie said...

don't like that bad news thing...hope the bunnies cheered you!

Thimbleanna said...

Sorry about the bad news week. Those little embroidered bunnies are adorable. Hope you have a better week this week!

MJ said...

Thanks for moving the quilt competition over to that site. I had gone for a visit but can never remember my Flickr logon password. I've voted now!!

Great finds at the Thrift store! I'm sure Jaxon looks spiffy with his new accessories!!

jessi said...

too cute! I love them - and I think the tails are perfect. I love that they are big.

Jessica said...

Those little bunnies are so cute! Keep the tails just the way they are!

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