The swap continues....

I am still waiting to hear from about 20 of you about your shipping status. The 80-some of you I have heard from so far have either shipped or plan to by the end of the week, so check your mailboxes! I know this is a busy time of year with back-to-school preparations, but please don't disappoint your teammates!

Since the last time I updated, I have received charity blocks from:

Wendy R.
Rafael's Mum
Amy W.

Thank you so much! We are almost to 50 (!) charity blocks. That's a lot of quilts and tree skirts!

As of this weekend, I had a basketful of charity blocks and my personal blocks had started arriving...and now the blocks are almost overflowing!


Natalia said...

Thanks for doing this Beth! I never e-mailed you that I have received all but two of my blocks! If you need me to machine quilt any of the charity quilts I would be happy to!

Rafael's Mum said...

Fantastic getting so many blocks for the charity quilt together! My name both on flickr and blog is rafael's mum so no confusion there.

All my blocks have gone out and I have received two blocks from Anna (Annamichellequilts)nothing yet from my other two swap partners.

Love the coat, great find!

Katy said...

I'm so excited to get all of my blocks and make my quilt. I'm pretty sure I've been saying that on every post you've made recently. hahahaha

calicodaisy said...

Hey Beth: I've received all my blocks from -- you, Lynz, and Samantha. Hope mine arrived at your place by now.
-- michele

Deb said...

Ooops I forgot, I posted my blocks on the 1st! see that's why you had a deadline. Some of us need them!!

Indigo Blue said...

Many thanks for organising this swap and allowing a UK participant beause it does increase the risk factor of blocks going missing. Waiting for one more set to arrive then i shall make them all into something for the festive season. Wish I lived closer to help with the charity quilts construction. if you ever decide to do more charity quilts please do get in touch as I have some non-blogger quilting friends who would love to help out. xx

JRZ Jenn said...

wow.. I've sent all of my blocks! You should have had the one I sent you by now.. I mailed them on the 1st (or 31st of August.. I forgot!)

I got my blocks from 4 of my partners, I'll email you their names. :)

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