Party Time! Excellent!

The "I've received all my swap blocks" emails are arriving...it's such a relief that post office isn't letting us down! Please email me when you have received all your blocks. I've added "DONE!" by your name in the right column if you have shipped and received all you blocks. I still haven't heard from a couple of people about shipping, and a handful of you let me know you'd be shipping late...so in case you are still waiting for blocks from:
Chelsye -- shipping late
Jenifer -- shipping late
Sandy -- shipping late
Shannon -- shipping late
Wendy S. -- shipping late
Melissa G. -- Melissa, I know you've emailed me about receiving blocks, but I can't find an email about shipping.

The charity blocks have continued to arrive as well, and I've updated the list of participants to indicate charity blocks received. My sewing machine has been in the shop the last two weeks but I heard today that it is ready. Yay. Now I can get started assembling our charity projects.

In the meantime, I received two fun packages this week.

I finally spent my gift card to Pink Chalk Fabrics. I decided on yardage for dining room curtains and a holiday magazine. The magazine was a "must have" after a saw Kathy's Christmas tree blocks. I think my Christmas quilt might be wonky stars, swap blocks, and these trees.

And you might remember how I had to wear depends whenever I saw flashes of this fabric. I became obsessed...to the point that I sounded like this:

And so now it is. Mine.

The Riley stripes were on sale so I had to get those, too. I was shocked at the size of the pattern on the main fabric. Here's a business card to show scale.

Which means I will never be able to cut into it. *sigh*

And I was at an impasse deciding which cute picture of Jaxon to post, so you get them both.

Mr. Safety pretending to sell me this postcard. A good salesman always shakes hands!

Potty training can get boring without a little music!


Melissa said...

Hi Beth! I'm done! I'm sorry I neglected to tell you that I've received all of my blocks! Thanks- this was a lot of fun!

peppermintpatcher said...

Sounds to me like your superior organisation skills have ensured a successful swap! Well done to you.

sisjulie1 said...

I'm going to post a comment, because I've emailed 3 times that I've shipped my blocks, so you must not be getting my emails. I have not received all my blocks yet. I've received from Becky in Utah and Joyzelle.

Amy said...

Wow! The fabric is great. Sounds like the swap went well.

FerJeniB said...

B - I think you should just cover an entire wall in the fabric and be done with it...ohhhh or frame it and put it over the fireplace. I love the bonus pics of the boy. - J

beth said...

I'm only waiting for one little package to come... I received from Manuela and Susan. I don't remember the other name...but I did mail all mine out a while ago.
loved your post today!

The WoodLand School said...

I love the frame-the-fabric suggestion! I was thinking you could make curtains ... or a tablecloth ... or you could use my Top-Notch decorating idea: just "casually" spread it out in the living room and "pretend" that you're in the middle of laundry and will fold it soon :-)

annette said...

What a fabulous idea to make a Christmas quilt out of wonky stars, swap blocks and those fabulous trees. I was just given a B&N gift cert for my bd - you know that magazine is on my MUST BUY list.

THANKS again for organizing the swap. I had a blast sewing and receiving.

Laurie said...


Wanted to let u know I've received all my blocks! Thank you so much doing hosting the swap..it was alot of fun!

Laurie Jean

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! You got that fabulous fabric! Good Luck to Jaxon on the potty LOL!

Indigo Blue said...

Hi Beth,
I recieved lovely blocks from Victoria and Megan, but as yet nothing from Ginny A.
I will send you a picture once I have made the blocks into something.

MJ said...

Ahh... Michael Miller. I think I'm in love with him too. He's one of my secret boyfriends who, in real life, is likely a woman. Now, isn't that a bizarre thought?!

Seeing Jaxon on the potty reminds me how I managed to justify giving my girls Glosette chocolate raisins as treats following successful potty experiences. I rationalized it as " just a little bit of chocolate-coated fiber"! You see, I'm gifted with rationalizations!

Beth said...

oh, that fabric is so great! maybe becasue of the scale you could use it for a tote? Jax is so cute in the pics too, we always sang while sitting on the potty too :)

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