*Almost* the last of Christmas

Happy New Year! I didn't quite make it 'til midnight last night, but Jaxon and I were up early to welcome 2009 and we are feeling good about it!

I didn't get all my Christmas posts done this week, so I will show you a couple of the gifts I made this year.

This is a scarflet I made for my mom to give to a co-worker. I really like this one, but of course, it's in my favorite fabric. I also made one for my sister but I forgot to take a photo (Jen, can you?).

I made my grandma a purse last year, but it was just slightly too small to accommodate her giant wallet. I used this pattern, but made a few changes. I boxed the bottom (as suggested in the pattern for a smaller purse) but I still thought it would be too big for grandma so I cut about 4 inches off the top. This meant I had to lose the ricrac trim I had already basted to the top because it wasn't long enough anymore. Grandma believes that the contents of her purse are in constant danger, so instead of the cute covered button I added a zipper (from this tutorial). I am really happy how it turned out, and I started another variation of this pattern last night.

I also completed a swap over the holidays. I had commented on one of Courtney's posts about her good swap karma, and my bad swap karma. She suggested we do our own swap! We decided on a theme of trees (Christmas or other) and agreed to each make a doll quilt, a tree decoration, and a year round tree-related something.

Here is what I sent:

The doll quilt inspired by this quilt by Louise (pattern is now out!) and this stamp by Martha Stewart

These origami wreaths made from this addictive tutorial

The apron and potholder set in birds on tree limb fabric(apron tutorial here, potholder pattern adapted from Stitched in Time)

And here is what I received:

The doll quilt is beautiful -- lovely fabrics! And Courtney didn't even know I have a thing for stars! Perfect!

The tree decoration is Jaxon's favorite, he loves to point out the kitties and the trees. I think it will stay on the mirror all winter!

The bowl is fabulous -- it makes me want to try knitting again. And the blue matches my shoes!

Thanks Courtney! This was so much fun (and we're already talking about our next swap)!

This post is longer than I anticipated so check back this weekend for Jaxon's big boy room, and my goals for 2009! Happy New Year!


Bonny said...

I'm in major love with that red and black purse!

Also loving the scarflet I won! sooooo cute and soft!

Louise said...

I LOVE your Christmas tree quilt - fabulous with the little bird. A very nice swap indeed!

The WoodLand School said...

The quilt you made is just fabulous ... and now hanging prominently in our school room. I *love* it ... and I'm thrilled to learn of the inspiration.

Looking forward to our next swap : )

PS - Those origami wreath ornaments are *hideously* addictive!

Anonymous said...

The little bird on the Christmas tree quilt is very sweet.

I hope you guys had a lovely holiday season.

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