Yes, this is my first blog entry on my new MacBook Pro. Hooray! The above pic includes all the laptops (minus one) that I have had from work over the past 6 years. So far this one has been super cool!**

And it's a good thing I have this new toy to keep me occupied, because we've been home from school the past two days with snowy, icy weather.

This is what we woke up to this morning:

We had a few inches of snow that was covered in a fresh sheet of ice -- the trees looked amazing -- and then we got about another inch of snow on top of the ice.

I thought it looked very pretty, and then Charlie went out to inspect some downed limbs and found this:

Not so pretty.

Looks like we will be cutting down the pine tree this spring (maybe more than one, there's one on the side of the house that is growing dangerously close to our power lines).

Good thing I have my Mac to keep me warm! The other thing I am enjoying during our mini break from school is our new built–in bookcase in the living room. When we first looked at the house six years ago, there was a floor to ceiling nook in the living room with one lone shelf:

We pulled down the old shelf (well, it fell down, really) and I painted the one wall umm....fuchsia?....raspberry?....well, see for yourself. This was done way before Jaxon was born.

This is right after he started walking.

And now, thanks to my handy husband, the nook looks like this:

Woo hoo! A built-in bookcase! I've moved most of our books out of my sewing room (once the office) and into the living room, with the art books and old Hollywood on either side of the fireplace (shelves also built by Charlie) and the rest (minus health and sewing) you see here.

I've been culling my book collection over the past year, keeping only books that I re-read regularly (or semi-regularly). I still would like to remove more -- I want the shelves to look less cluttered. So, dear readers, if any of you are interested in any books by Rita Mae Brown, Carolyn Hart, or
Lillian Jackson Braun (those have already been moved to the garage), please let me know!

The completion of the bookcase means the beginning of the sewing room reno! I don't expect it to be done before summer, but Charlie and I took the bookshelves down to his office, and I started boxing up things for a future garage sale. This will be a big job, with new electrical, lighting, window, and I will be pulling up the carpet to reveal pristine hardwoods (think positively). I'll keep you posted!

*This alternate title for this post was "My Husband Rocks" but the Mac won out. Sorry, Charlie.

**No, I don't usually have 4 laptops laying around the house. One has a broken screen, another is a loaner until this new one came in, and the other doesn't run the software I use for work anymore.


~Michelle~ said...

*swoon* The wall looks pink in the photos, blown out from the flash I'm sure... The only way I would get to have a wall in that shade would be if it were in my own room (if I ever were to have such a place). And is it sad that I can immediately tell where the Harry Potter books live?? I recognize the coloring. So then I blew up the picture - and I also spy some others that live permanently on our bookshelves too! Your little guy is such a cutie too :)

Stephanie said...

Isn't the weather brutal! We've experience the same. LOVE your bookcase. I need a library. We are lovers of books and can't seem to let them go.

Shannon said...

Congrats on the bookshelf AND the new Mac. I got my MacBook Pro this week too (my first). :)

Ferjenib said...

B - All looks SUPER COOL! I love it. Let me know if you get multiple people asking for any of those books as I too am parting with some of the same authors. Plus WOOT on the new mac and as always my super cute nephew - Hugs J

Thimbleanna said...

That ice stuff is no fun is it? Very pretty, but destructive. Sorry about your trees.

Your new shelves look fab. Kudos to you on being able to pare down your books -- I just can't do it -- I have a ridiculous number (fortunately there are many built in bookshelves here) and can only part with them if I hated the book!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, my Mac pro has been keeping me company this week as well while I have been trapped in my living room for an opposite reason! 4 days straight over 107 degrees - yuck!!!!!! Sitting in the only cool room of the house with the kids, we are spending all day and all night all together in this room!!! So funny to think you are hiding from the cold and snow while we try to avoid the burning heat!!! Enjoy your new toy =]

Anonymous said...

I realise you wrote about a lot of other stuff, but all I can see is that your baby is now a boy! That sneaks up on you, doesn't it?

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

great bookshelves - glad to see you're keeping the Harry Potters and Wicked!

The WoodLand School said...

GORGEOUS shelves!!! I'm drooling just a bit ; )

Have you tried PaperBackSwap.com for your books? I use it *all* the time and just love it!

Happy Weekend : )

susan said...

love your row of macs!
the shelves look great and i adore that color. i too am trying to downsize my book collection...its not easy! i am a book, um, addict...

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