Big Day Tomorrow

We are now finally *completely* with power. We returned home this weekend to 50% power, dim lights and not able to use some appliances (like the microwave and the hairdryer). I called our power company and they sent someone out Monday...to turn off our power. We had a broken wire that was a big safety hazard. It was fixed today and we are back with full power.

During the almost-week we spent at my parents with power, I did get a couple of packages. These books I ordered came, as well as this book I won in a giveaway at Pink Chalk Studio. Folk quilts may seem an odd fit for a mid-century lovin' girl like me -- but there is plenty of retro style. Here is my fave:

AND an awesome package came from my fat quarter swap partner, Rachel. Look how cute!

I've already worn the flower pin, and I have a project that the cupcakes print is PERFECT for. Thanks, Rachel!

Katy of I'm a Ginger Monkey has organized the Great International Stash Busting Giveaway. Check back tomorrow morning to see what you could win, and visit Katy's blog to see who else is participating. I'll keep the giveaway open until Friday so my international friends will have plenty of time to enter!

OK, quit hogging my time, the Idol is on.


Thimbleanna said...

Yipee! The power is back on! Looks like an awesome swap package there -- I love that cupcake print!

Kerry said...

Wow, some pretty fats for you too!
Can't wait to see what you make with them.

Digital Misfit said...

Wow, glad you had the dangerous power issue fixed. I know brownouts can be a pain - we JUST had one about a week ago. If we dared turn off one of the dim lights, it was not coming back on.
GORGEOUS FQs you received - love the bold aqua/red one.

Anya said...

Glad your power is back on. And thanks for the giveaway chance in your next post. I'll be leaving a comment there as well.

Katy said...

oh no - poor you and your dodgy wiring!!! Glad it's all back to normal now.

I see you have a little parcel there from the UK. Excellent, LOVE what she sent you!

belle and rose said...

Love the fabrics you received from the swap! Are those cupcakes I see?! My fave!!

Penny said...

Hurray for power.

I like the card, with the different coloured leaves.

Anonymous said...

I did read this post yesterday, but after entering quite a few of the stash busting giveaway's i was feeling a bit commented out :-) The package from your fat quarter swap looks great, and wow, the book looks awesome.

Nancy said...

I am so glad your power is back. We sometimes forget how dependent we are on electricity. We tend to take it for granted. We have lived without power for several very cold days in winters past and it is n-o-t fun! Thanaks for the giveaway!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

MJ said...

Glad you have power again and that the fault is now fixed! I'd be tempted by the stash give-away but my stash has grown and I needn't be greedy, especially since I don't sew much ~ gasp, did I admit to that?

AnnieB said...

what lovely things to receive in the post - lucky you!

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