Swappity Swap

Courtney and I completed our second swap, this one a Valentine's Day theme. I had a sweet little vintage embroidery pattern of a Dutch boy and girl, and I wanted to pair it with windmills. I embroidered the couple and then added borders to my windmills to make the blocks the same size. As I sewed them together I realized how big this "dollquilt" was going to be. I ripped the blocks apart and decided to use fewer of them in a banner. A nice bonus: now it can be hung or used as a table runner!

And this is what Courtney sent. Our swap included a Valentine–themed dollquilt and a practical item (also Valentine-themed) for the room of the recipient's choice. Courtney chose dining room, so I painted a wood tray bright red and modge podged a piece of My Folklore fabric to the base. I forgot to take pictures. Courtney sent this whole bevy of items for my sewing room:

I had to take the quilt off the wall of honor in the bookcase to take the picture. It has embroidery, rick rack AND bright green. What's not to love? The stuff for my sewing room is amazing -- I think Courtney is psychic. I didn't have a pincushion OR a needlebook, and I have been meaning to make this cute little bag from AllPeopleQuilt.com. Thanks, Courtney!

And ironically, I went from having no pincushion to two! Susan had a giveaway in which the winner with the most embarrassing story won, and I earned third place. I got to choose from a bevy of super cute pincushions, and of course I chose the bright green! Thanks, Susan!


MJ said...

What a fun swap! I like how you paired the Dutch couple with windmill squares!!

Stephanie said...

OK...I fixed the d to a g and it posted a d anyway. I really can spell "darling".

Beth said...

your table runner is so pretty! love the pincushion too, i love the colors susan picked for that one, it seems so fitting for you!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Beth -- you're both lucky girls. I especially like the little embroidery and colors in the quilt you made!

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