Entries closed!

Great googly moogly! 157 comments?!? Wow, that's like 144 more comments than usual! I guess in these rough economic times we will turn to desperate measures to feed our addictions to fabric. I might have to start a "Just Say No" campaign.

Entries are now closed, and I will be drawing tomorrow morning. I just wanted to drop by and thank YOU for dropping by, and give you the good news. The first of my three tenure votes was today, and it was unanimously positive. Yah! So now my case travels to the dean. Keep those fingers crossed, please, I don't want to start a job search!


~Michelle~ said...

Fingers are crossed! I would my job could be tenured, especially in this economy!

dottycookie said...

Oh my, good luck. The whole tenure track thing scared me half to death when I was a postdoc considering my future!

Thimbleanna said...

Excellent comment grabbing LOL! Good luck on the tenure voting!

jacquie said...

congrats on the tenure voting!!! sorry i missed the giveaway, but no biggie...i'd come anyway!!

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