Love Complete

I know you are all bored with the LOVE wallhanging, but I did finally finish it. I tried something a little different with the binding, attaching it by machine to the front as usual, but using a running stitch in Perle 8 to attach the back. I like how the red running stitch looks on the front, but it makes the binding a bit large on the back.

And finally something new...I've finally begun my log cabins for the Project Improv charity quilt(s). I selected pink and orange as my color choice thinking that I had the least amount of fabrics in this range (and would have a reason to stash build). I guess I was wrong. I dug through my scrap bin and found *plenty* of orange and pink scraps. Here's my first attempt:


became this...

Yeah, you caught me. I didn't have *quite* enough laid out to make a 12.5" block, so I added a large piece of the woven pink and the orange and white polka dot. This was a lot of fun. I had planned on only making one today -- Jaxon and Charlie have both been sick and I am now behind at work -- but I started another block. I cut myself off, though, after Jaxon's nap and got back to grading.

Also I received my FSQS5 quilt from Rachel:

The "challenge" for this swap was a monochromatic quilt. I chose green. Isn't it sweet? I love the "reversal" in the corners of mostly green to mostly white.

And look at the cute backing fabric! I may have to flip it around on the wall every once in awhile. Thanks Rachel!


Maggie said...

The Improv blocks look great and the love wallhanging is a cutie.

Rachel said...

I like the running stitch effect on your Love quilt (and that backing fabric is so gorgeous too!)

Stephanie said...

Love how you did the red perle cotton on your Love little quilt. Pretty green swap quilt. Love it. Wow your orange/pink block is terrific. Lots of great goodies.

Ferjenib said...

B - You are so talented and creative. I am so proud that you are my sister. - Hugs and Love - Jen

Rumi said...

Pink and orange rock together! Who knew!
Thanks for stopping by my new blog today.

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