Thrift Finds

Often I will talk about going to the "big city" about an hour away (Columbus, pop. 750,000), and compared to the nearest village about 5 miles away (Logan, pop. 7,000), it is a shopping mecca. Every now and again I need a few things I can't get nearby but I don't want to drive an hour, so I head to "town," (Lancaster, pop. 35,000). In about 15 or 20 minutes I can be at JoAnn and Lowe's, so it's not too bad.

On my last foray "to town" I decided to check out the local thrift stores. I've never been to one in Lancaster, but I keep seeing awesome thrift store scores in blogland and I wanted in on the action.

The first stop yielded a couple of wool sweaters destined to be felted, and the pink and yellow vintage necklaces in the shot above. The second stop got me the vintage navy handbag (It was $2.99 and 50% off. Charlie read the tag as $299...I had some explaining to do), as well as a dress and skirt not pictured. At the third stop (not *really* a thrift store, but a vintage shop) I found the red handbag and the chain-style necklace. Everything on the table cost less than $10 total. SCORE!

I don't think I am going to get a lot of use out of the red handbag, though, Jaxon has not put it down since it came home (as you might be able to tell from the picture). He opens it every few minutes and declares "I'm checking somping."

I don't know how I missed blogging about *this* lovely scarf I got a few weeks ago from Lauren. I blame my busy end of the quarter schedule. I sent Lauren a purse to test for me, and she sent me this scarf. Check out the hand twisted fringe! I've worn it twice already and plan to wear it this week. It looks great with a dress or my denim jacket. Thanks, Lauren!


The WoodLand School said...

Score-o-rama! I'm chuckling about Charlie's reaction : )

The scarf is just wonderful!

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