Do you find yourself trolling fabric web sites in anticipation of your next score? Do you pine for the mailman to bring you that next hit of fabric bliss? Do you hoard certain fabrics knowing that it could be your last taste of that line?

Welcome to Fabric-holics Anonymous. Only I'm not so anonymous. You might remember my after-Fourth-of-July posting of a few new fabric acquisitions...it hasn't ended there. As many of you can understand, money is a bit tight for us right now so I am now reliant on gift cards and Etsy sales. I keep a separate bank account for Etsy transactions, and everything I sell goes into this account for replenishment of sewing necessities. That account is now depleted so I guess I better get to work filling my Etsy store!

Z&S Fabrics was having a "clear out the store" sale as their orders from Market are starting to roll in. I got this order for under $15 including shipping!

From bottom up, half yard cuts of: Prints Charming's Two Young Street for Marcus Brothers, Jackii Jones's Nearsighted for Marcus Brothers, Rosemarie Lavin's Mambo for Windham, Kathy Hall's Mid-Century Modern for Andover, Anna Griffin's Mackenzie Christmas for Windham

And when I was writing the post about this Orla Kielly-like fabric I discovered the rest of the line. OH MY! I found it at Rainbow Fabrics.

Apples and Apple Trees for Timeless Treasures


Home Sewing is Easy for Alexander Henry

....for a project to be revealed later!

And lucky for this addict, I won a gift certificate from Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics for choosing a selected fabric combo. Now I need to decide, do I put that GC toward the fabric I need to make new curtains for the dining room, or do I buy some of my selected combo...or some Summer Soiree??

But lest you believe I sit in piles of raw fat quarters, I *did* actually make a little something for myself.

Pattern: Wide Leg Lounge Pants from Amy Butler's In Stitches

Fabric: Route 66 for Alexander Henry

Result: Not love...I might take out the drawstring and do some elastic. The pants have a low rise and tend to loosen and droop the longer they're on...I think I should have made a "lounge dress" instead!


~Michelle~ said...

You already know I have a fabric problem - it's big time trouble! PS - expect some fun mail today hopefully!

Beth said...

Oh, I say make some lizzy dish curtains! that would be too cute. Love the pants also, they look super comfey!

Bonny said...

ha ha, I have one piece of amy butler's first (or second) line that I am afraid to use cuz I don't want it to be all gone.

Enjoy your yo-yo making on your trip!

MJ said...

I don't do fabric shopping online! Yahoo! One less temptation! (I think it is because I have troubles with hues!)

I love the pj pants! I have some fabric to make some for myself but my machine is still occupied with (sigh) Advent calendars. I'd really like to get them done by mid-August but I'm not hopeful!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

i do this... i just don't see it as a problem!! ..and the mailman brought me 3 packages today... and i was in love!!

Mrs Moog said...

Oh dear ...this is just too tempting...all that yummy fabric and really useful links too....I need to walk.away.from.the.computer.

Lovely lounge pants :) I agree about the drawstring. I made some and they're far more comfortable with elastic - and less likely to embarrass you when answering the door!


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