Pay it Forward from my Sick Bed

Still recovering from this cold. Yuck! Yesterday I really needed to check in with my students. They had an assignment due and I wanted to make sure it got turned in correctly. So our facilities manager hooked up a camera in the classroom and I "taught" from home. Of course it wasn't just me:

The students particularly liked when Jaxon called them "corn dogs."
**There's a little quilty project in this photo that I haven't blogged about yet. Must get photos!

I made breakfast for lunch, one of my favorites and most comforting. Jaxon liked it, too.

Anna, like your bangers and mash, I think of this as being "British"....eggs in a basket....not sure why, maybe "V for Vendetta?"

And I finished my blocks for Sis Boom POW!

...all while grading some more papers. And coughing a lot.

Awhile ago I signed up for a Pay It Forward with Katy. I wasn't sure at the time if I should post about it at that moment or when I received something. Now I know because I've signed up with Lynz, too! So here's how it works:

1. I will make a little something for the first SIX people who comment on this post with PIT in their comments (usually it's three, but I am doing two pay it forwards). It will be a surprise and it will arrive on your doorstep when you least expect it!

2. I will have 365 days to do it in. What's the catch? To get a handmade present from me, you have to play too. This means YOU pledge to send a little handmade something to THREE readers of your blog. It doesn't have to be quilty - just handmade.

3. You must have a blog.

4. Once you comment here, you must post about your Pay It Forward on your blog to keep the fun going, with the Pay It Forward badge.

If I don't get six from this post I will keep advertising!

EDITED TO ADD: I now have six volunteers to pay it forward, so it you'd like to participate check out their blogs to volunteer for a PIT of your own....


Lynz said...

Eggs in a basket? Is that its proper name, then? We do actually call it Vendetta toast. *laughs* I hope you're feeling better soon (Jaxon is getting cuter by the day!) and this is not me signing up again! Thanks for playing, chickie!!

DoreyR said...

Hi Beth,
I'd like to play Pay it Forward please!
DoreyR (Sharon)

Ellen said...

Beth, I hope you get to feeling better soon! I'd love to "Pay It Forward!" (BTW, the eggs in a basket look scrumptious!)

Nicole said...

Ooh! I'd love to do this. I did one last year, and it was so fun! :)

Rachel Lynn said...

That looks like a delicious breakfast!

And I'm game to Pay it Forward!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh YUM! I love that eggs in a basket -- and how cute are you to use a pumpkin cutter -- that's pure genius! I think I'll spring that on hubby this weekend and watch as he thinks I'm nuts LOL. Hope you're feeling better soon -- it must have been fun to teach with Jaxon!!!

Anonymous said...

What a helpful teaching assistant! Hope you're feeling much better.

MJ said...

I am so tempted to PIT but I fear that having gone to a "private blog" I won't be successful in getting my readers to participate!

It sounds like such fun! Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

Donna said...

Hi Beth,
I think i am ready to take the PIT plunge. I just don't know how long it will take for me to get 3 people. My blog is not a "big time" blog with oodles of readers-but I am willing to try.

Leah said...

I'm not sure if you already have your 6 people for the PIF, but if you don't I'd love to take part

Esteemarlu said...

I have a very simple name for the Eggs In A Basket breakfast, it's Eggs In The Hole and my boys loved it when they were little. I still love it.

Anonymous said...

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