"What a crazy random happenstance!"

November?? Really?

We had a fun week with trick or treat and a school party. Any guesses on Jaxon's costume? Here's a hint?

I'll give you a few minutes to think it over...

....and while you're thinking that over, I started a Halloween quilt last year, but I put the top away when it was time to move onto Christmas sewing. I promised I would finish it this year by Halloween, and sewed the last of the binding last night.

Still thinking about Jaxon's costume? The title of this post is also a clue!

I went with the loopy quilting, but I wish I hadn't quilted it so densely. It's tough to do a big quilting pattern on a home machine.

OK, give up on the costume guessing?

Jaxon is Dr. Horrible from "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog."

Jaxon LOVES Dr. Horrible, although, WARNING, it is not entirely child appropriate. Jaxon has only seen parts, like this one:

You can watch all three acts (or the whole thing at once -- it's about 40 minutes) for free at Hulu. It's well worth it!

EDITED TO ADD: I now have six volunteers to pay it forward, so it you'd like to participate check out their blogs to volunteer for a PIT of your own....


jessi said...

Congrats on finishing your quilt! I love it! And Jaxon looks great too - I love the gloves. They remind me of the ones I wore for certain tasks when I worked in a lab.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I hadn't heard of doctor horrible... I have watched a few on you tube now and its tricky to get the story line as they are a bit fragmented... unfortunately you can't watch the whole thing outside the states... so I will have to download it or something... very good though... love the quilt and your little man looks fab...

x Alex

Thimbleanna said...

Jaxon is so cute! I would never have guessed his costume since *gasp* I've never heard of Dr. Horrible! Love that Halloween quilt!

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