Terrible Mother: Quilt Retreat Part 1

So I'm guessing a good mother wouldn't go to Quilt Market from Friday to Monday and then go to a quilt retreat the following Friday to Sunday.

I'm a terrible mother. I did tell Charlie when I left on Friday that I felt guilty and he looked at me blankly and said, "why?" I suppose that means he wasn't too upset about it.

The thing is, the retreat was held at a little backwoods resort about one mile from our house, so I spent the nights at home and only had to pay the registration fee (which also took care of all my meals).

I still felt guilty, and not only that, but also a little anxious. The retreat was hosted by the quilt shop in a neighboring town (about 20 miles away). It's a *very* traditional shop, and I had visions of being belittled for my bright colors and modern quilts. I thought I would ultimately be okay -- one of my coworkers was going and she likes bright colors too!

My anxiety was unfounded -- everyone was super kind and I saw many beautiful projects....here are a few I took shots of (there were so many more I somehow missed)....

Beautiful embroidery with 30s prints

Snowmen (in bright colors!!)

Wool Felt Santas

Amy Butler's Nigella quilt pattern in black and white with brights

An amazing double wedding ring top

And my latest obsession, paper piecing....

An incredible small hummingbird

And a circular table runner -- one circle half complete) (now on my wishlist!!)

I'll return with some of the things I worked on....


~Michelle~ said...

holy crap - those are great projects that everyone was working on! love the Nigella... the double wedding ring is on my fantasy "I will make it someday" list... and good grief, that hummingbird is a-freakin-mazing! such great inspiration - I have no idea how you got anything done, I would have spent the time going around & checking out everyone else's projects, lol :)

MJ said...

The double wedding ring quilt was on my fantasy "I'll make it one day" list until my back issues interfered! I can't sit long enough to quilt and/or cut fabric long at all which really interferes with quilt-making (but also diminishes the temptation of fabric buying for stash purposes!) Your weekend looks fabulous!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- looks like a great retreat! Although there are narrow-minded quilters, I think most of them are pretty open-minded and appreciate the work involved in quilting, no matter what colors or patterns are used!

Anonymous said...

That hummingbird is incredibly detailed. Let go of your guilt and enjoy yourself.

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