Quilt Market Weeks 1-4: That's How It Seems

I seriously can't believe that I was in Houston only Friday-Monday. It seems like I was gone for WEEKS! So over the next few posts I will feature the booth design winners, some of my favorite things I saw at Market, and my experience. So let's start with the booth design winners -- or at least the ones I got photos of....

New Exhibitor: Daisy Janie

I only got half the booth. I think there were people in the other side. Who knows.

Merchandising: Riley Blake

Creativity: Jenean Morrison

Jenean's booth was adorable!

She really deserved the creativity award...

...especially for modge podging fabric onto this bike (and the guitar). I asked her if she was worried that the bike wouldn't turn out, but she said the got it at Wal-Mart for $30 so she wasn't too concerned. AMAZINGLY CUTE!

Multiple Booths, Second Place: Blue Hill Fabrics

I took photos of this booth and accidentally deleted them. For reals. Don't worry, my shots were really boring. Unfortunately I can't find any photos to link to either.

Multiple Booths, First Place: Anna Griffin

This is the only shot I got of the Anna Griffin booth, because I liked the dog fabric. Each corner had one of these display walls so it was hard to see inside.

Double Booth, Second Place: Tina Givens

Double Booth, First Place: Amy Butler

I can't imagine how many people had to sew to make all this stuff!

Single Booth, Second Place: Sweetwater

How did I not get a picture? See it at the Jolly Jabber.

Single Booth, First Place: Blackbird Designs

And this one, too, but Barbara Brackman did!

Apparently I have something against the single booths? Maybe you will learn more tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Fun, fun! We were only there for 1 day and I think I missed a lot, although I don't know if I could stay much longer - I was wiped out! So fun to meet such nice people, though.

amanda said...

it was great meeting you too! I hope everything goes well with your fabrics :)

Molly said...

Woo Hoooo! I had so much fun when I went to market a few years back! This year there were a few quilts I quilted there. One in the Maywood Studios booth, and one in Riley Blake. Both quilts designed by my sister Jenny of Sweet Ruby Designs.

Shari B. said...

Thanks for spotlighting my section of Riley Blake Designs. I love designing for them and I love that boy owl line! ;)

daisy janie said...

Really great posts and pics from your experience at Quilt Market! I admire your tenacity in meeting with art directors at the show - hope something comes your way if you decide that's what you truly want. I favor a modern aesthetic as well, and my customers and their customers are grateful for the designs I'm offering...so there is a demand of some sort - just maybe not on the saturated scale a large manufacturer thinks is worth the volumes they have to print to make a profit. I'm 40 and I will by buying modern when I'm 50 and 60 - so maybe our time is coming!! :)

Jenean said...

Hi and thanks for including my booth in your market wrap up! I really enjoyed reading about your experiences presenting your artwork. I have set up at a couple of trade shows and in those cases the art directors are walking past your booth and will stop if they like what they see. Yes, I was putting myself out there, but not in the way you were. If someone doesn't like my work they can just keep walking. Most of my recent submissions have been through the mail so I really admire your strength and courage to approach companies face to face and present your work! I say keep going for it if you decide it is what you want. There will always be a market for good design--right?

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