Happy Easter!

It's been a trying week. The cold I caught from Jaxon turned into double ear infections (Doctor: "Adults aren't supposed to get these!" Beth: "Thanks."). I was home sick almost all week last week (which is really what has allowed me to get my craft projects done -- but now I am way behind at work!). Mom and Dad went to visit my sis and bro-in-law, leaving their dog with us. He's a good boy, but having two big dogs in the house feels like four or five! The weather went from 80 degrees and sunny to 30 degrees and snowy. And finally, Jaxon is getting his two front teeth, and isn't happy about it. And did I mention my eczema is out of control??

But not to worry, there is good news, too!!

Look at Mr. Bunny! He looks cute, don't you think?

And I finished the bunny basket as well. I didn't want to tell you about him in case I didn't get him done.



And I have a craft swap to look forward to...more on that later this week!

So Happy Easter to you all, and I wish you all lovely spring weather!


pasha said...

Bunny looks good! and I love the basket! I might have to try that one myself.

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