WIP: Big Footed Bunny

Isn't he cute? Are you surprised at my progress? I am! It looks like I just might have this guy done by Easter. I have to even out the stuffing, sew closed the stuffing hole, embroider his face and make his overalls. And make Jax's Easter "basket." *sigh*

I have already learned a lot from Mr. Bunny. Having mainly sewn home dec projects (curtains, pillows, and upholstery) and a few simple skirts, I do not have much experience sewing curves. This guy has a lot of curves!

I'm hoping to have his overalls done tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous about the embroidery for his face...


pasha said...

The bunny looks great, don't worry about the face just about anything you do will be cute and Jax will love it. Embroidery is just drawing with thread so draw out what you want on paper and then copy that. You could use a disappearing ink pen too if you want.

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