Teethin' and Thriftin'

Jaxon's top front teeth finally broke skin last night. We're all a little tired (and moody) today. He's a trooper though, and I expect he'll be back to his charming self in a couple of days.

Emily and I went thriftin' yesterday (thrifting just sounds too formal). I was looking for found objects to use for the craft swap I'm doing. The swap is through Crafty Daisies, and the theme is summer. At least one thing I send to my swap partner needs to be homemade. I didn't hit the summer craft payload, but I did find some cute things for Jax.

I did find these cutie belts to use as straps for summer bags.

I usually don't buy stuff with licensed characters. I just don't get paying extra to advertise. But in Pixar's case I'll make an exception. These are valances (extra long). I thought I could use the fabric to make something for Jax when he gets a little older. Of course he is going to love Toy Story!

I'll also make an exception for Star Wars. These are a bit too big for Jax now, but I couldn't resist 99c Star Wars overalls!

And a closeup (even the snaps are branded!):

I also got baby Jaxon some other cute clothes, including a summer romper that may have to become a t-shirt by the time the weather changes, and a lightweight jacket.

So there you have it! Not quite the craft hunting success that Pasha seems to have, but a success just the same.


pasha said...

I hadn't thought of belts for bag straps--hmm, I will have to start looking there as well. My kids are bigger and it is still hard to pass by the little kids clothes and I even buy something every once in a while just to look at. I still get thrift clothes for them but they just are never quite as cute.....sigh.

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