It's raining fabric!!

I came home today to a box on my front step. That's always exciting -- especially when it is from my sister! Let's see what's inside.

A gift for Jaxon: "The Cheerios Play Book"

A bag of fabric I was expecting -- I won't add anymore now, it's a surprise for someone!

A surprise for me -- cute, cute sock monkey squares. What should I do with them? She also included a couple of quilt patterns I could tackle. That would have to wait until summer, though.

What a great package to find on my doorstep. Thanks Jen!

Also, I got a package containing this earlier in the week:

I finally found a good deal on this on eBay. I think it might become a bag for myself!

And lastly, this will become a bag by next week. Check back soon!

You might ask yourself why I keep buying fabric and not MAKING anything with it. It's a sickness! Also, things have been pretty hectic at work, and my baby boy, who cannot yet walk, has decided to climb. *sigh*


Ferjenib said...

Yo! Fabric looks great. I love the stuff for the bag.

I got myself some fabric coming that I hope to make into a purse.


PS. I am also buying fabric left and right...

Ferjenib said...

B -

I am making the sara louise purse.


I also looked at this pattern, but I can't remember if I bought it or not.



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