Vacation: The End

I'm home from vacation and all unpacked.

Days away from home: 11
States crossed: 4
Books read: 3 (including Harry Potter, which I am refusing to discuss because that would be admitting it's over)
Craft projects completed: 4 (small embroidery projects from Sublime Stitching)
Babies who enjoyed playing in the sand: 1

A success!

In other news:

My Tiki softies have been included at Softies Central!

I returned home to find Martha Stewart on the cover of my Wired Magazine with a Wii cake. A little surreal.

This week's Sew, Mama, Sew! Free Fabric Friday topic is about craft room organization. My craft room/office is the LEAST organized room in the house right now due to our kitchen remodel. It looks more like a pantry with scraps of fabric everywhere, and the dining room has become my sewing central. So I thought I'd share a tip instead of talking about organization. I keep a small plastic box stocked with a project all ready to go. That way if I'm headed somewhere I'll have to wait, or on a long car ride (while NOT driving) I can grab my craft box and have plenty to do. In the example below I have a small embroidery project in a hoop, coordinating thread, needles, and scissors.

PS I always hate coming home to a messy house after vacation -- but coming home to a house without a kitchen is far worse!


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