Vacation Preparation

We are leaving Wednesday for vacation, yeah!

But I have so much to do before we go. Beyond what I needed to get done for a project at work, I needed to complete my review for Sew, Mama, Sew and make a new bag for the beach (of course)!

I made three bags from the pattern book SMS sent me, I now just have to write the review. I won't spoil the surprise, you can see the bags when the review goes up. But don't fret -- here is what I created yesterday (and finished this evening):

This was all made with fabric I had on hand and inspired by a bag I saw in a book. The tote in the book used vintage ties as straps. I bought some vintage ties from eBay but couldn't come up with a combination I liked. Yesterday I decided to make a bag for the beach (to carry all my embroidery, knitting *I'm trying!* and craft magazines). I wanted something casual enough for vacation that I could still use for work. Because I didn't have neckties I wanted to use, I traced one (vintage, so very wide and I made it longer) onto muslin. Then I created a patchwork from some Moda Summer in the City fat quarters my sister gave me. The body of the bag is leftover upholstery twill I used to slipcover a chair. I had a couple of issues, especially turning the necktie right side out after sewing it together (leave a turning hole at either end!), but I am really pleased with the result.

Here is the interior. I made lots of divided pockets for suntan lotion, magazines, sunglasses, etc, and nested two smaller pockets inside the larger ones for things I need to get to quickly (cell phone, cash, etc). I added a "keyper" (it's tucked into a pocket so it's not visible in the picture) and a magnetic closure. I think this also might make a cute diaper bag.

Now if only our bags would pack themselves!


tracey petersen said...

Nice work on all of those internal pockets! Enjoy your vacation

My Happy Turtle said...

Love the fabric on the internal pockets! Enjoy your vacation! We're leaving for Mexico next week!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your sewing... this is soooo cute!

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