Too much renovation


So much is going on!

Check out our new decks! My uncle, with the aid of my dad and Charlie replaced our existing deck off the dining room and added one off our bedroom. Don't they look great (they ran out of spindles on the bedroom side so that one will be completed tomorrow)? Just in time for Jaxon's birthday party!

But what won't be ready for Jaxon's party, you ask? The kitchen! Here's what it looks like right now:

Can you believe it?

I just can't think about that, or it will stress me out. Instead I like to concentrate on all the crafts I still need to make by Saturday (as well as the food). I have a little more control over that.

Any more guesses on the softie pattern from last post? Sorry, Jane, definitely not related to clowns or ducks! Here's a WIP of one of the pair, without a face:

And so I will match the theme of Jaxon's party, this came today in the mail:

Vintage 50s, homemade...hand stitched! I think the fabric may have been from curtains! :-) Not only did I find this on eBay, but the seller lives in the same tiny town as we do! It was meant to be, except I have to take the dress out a bit. :-)


Ferjenib said...

B -

Decks look fantastic! Don't stress over the kitchen, think of it as a blank canvas waiting for the "mod" touch. Also, the softie looks very cute thus far and the dress. WOW. Thinking of updating my blog today.


Jane's Designs said...

I guess I was a little off on my guess. But I'm known for being a little off. LOL. My daughter thinks its a dragon.

Love you deck just in time for those long summer evenings.

Tell Jaxon Happy Birthday!!

My Happy Turtle said...

Love the dress! I can't believe all of the renovation you guys have going on! I know what it's like to have your kitchen completely gone for months at a time. We did that in our last house and I'm not up for it again. Hang in there! I hope you got everything done for Jaxon's party. I can't believe he's one already! I'm looking forward to seeing some photos.

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