Nifty Gifties

Check out the nifty gifties I got this week! Warning. I was too lazy to get up off the couch to take the pictures: 1. Because it's been a long first week back to school and 2. We've been watching the Season 3 DVDs of The Office that just came out....SO...the pictures aren't great.

My cards/tags came. These are actually business card size, but the plan is to hang them on my handiwork. The front has a new updated logo and the back has a little info and plenty of room for me to write a description/care instructions/price. I'm very happy with them!

One of my students did a study abroad this summer in China and Japan and brought me some fantastic stuff!! This is the September 2007 issue of Cotton Time, and three adorable tea towels. He thought I could use them as fabric but I don't know if I have the heart to cut them up. Fantastic!

My sewing machine comes home tomorrow! It's been a tough couple weeks without it. Dinkin' flicka!


Jane's Designs said...

Love your tags, what a great idea using the back for additional info. Very professional looking.

How sweet that your student would bring back presents for you and that it's something that you will really use. It shows that you have a positive influence on their lives if thay are thinking of you outside of the classroom.

My Happy Turtle said...

I love the new tags! Were they done by Overnight Prints? I'm glad your machine will be back soon. I would have been into total withdrawal and done something extreme -- like hand sewing! Heh!

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