Swap, stitching, and Jaxon. Oh my!

I haven't mentioned that I have joined a swap! How could I have forgotten? I got an invitation to join the Four Season Quilt Swap.

My one and only swap did not go well. I never heard from the recipient. No swap package. No thank you. The swap organizer asked the participants to email if we did not receive anything. The organizer promised to both send me something and attempt to get my partner to send back my gifts (she sent an apology to the organizer and said she would). I've stopped holding out for a fun gift from either. Really, all a crafter wants is a nice "thank you" anyway.

I thought I should put this bad experience behind me and try again, and this gave me an excuse to make a quilt (finally!) that is small and quick. The theme is, of course, Autumn. I got little information from my partner, so I am winging it. I originally thought I would do a reversible wall hanging -- Thanksgiving on one side and Halloween on the other. I'm giving up on the Halloween for a nicely quilted back. I don't know what I was thinking when I picked this crazy spiral:

A couple pieces are missing in this picture -- I was gauging fabric choices. I'll let you know when the quilt is complete. You can see part of it peeking out from the left side here:

These are some of the embroidery projects I have been working on from the Sublime Stitching book and some of the individual patterns. So much fun!

And finally, here is our new babyskin rug! Jaxon refused to nap for Charlie last Friday while I was at work, but kept taking "breaks" from playing.

The return to school has been keeping me very busy, but now that my sewing machine has returned home I am trying to make some time for sewing (and blogging). In the words of Yoda: Do or do not. There is no try.


tracey petersen said...

Wise man, that Yoda.

nice work with the crazy spiral and embroideries.

My Happy Turtle said...

Ah, Yoda. Gotta love that short little guy. :-) I'm glad your machine is back!

Jane's Designs said...

Those pictures of Jaxon are too cute.

I hope this swap goes well for you I know that it is disappointing when things don't work out. My last swap, I never heard a word from my downstream partner, no thank you or anything. When you spend time and money on their package and get nothing in return, it's just plain rude.

jessi said...

So sorry to hear about your disappointing last swap - I hope this one turns out well. Your quilt looks great!

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