Good Customer Service!

I've noticed that customer service in general is getting worse and worse. I tend to complain about it a lot, so I thought I would share a good customer service story with you. While visiting the San Diego Zoo we bought Jaxon a cute little romper. It lost two snaps the first day he wore it. I found a Web site for the manufacturer and emailed them. Their sales rep couldn't replace the romper because they don't keep Zoo merchandise in stock, but she promised to send a gift for Jaxon. He got the following today:

Jaxon enjoyed playing with his new hat before bed time.

Two super cute rompers!! The one with the pirate says "Tough Guy" and the one with the shark says "I'm on a 'see'-food diet.

So buy Stephen Joseph merchandise with confidence!

It's been rather quiet around here while I prepped for the new school year (today was the first day of Fall Quarter), and my sewing machine is in for a tune up so there has been absolutely no sewing. It's all backing up! I'll share some embroidery with you later in the week.

In other news, my grandmother made it through her surgery with flying colors! Thanks for the good thoughts!


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