Good news or bad news??

I always like to hear the bad news first so things end on a high note. Just like I save the best bite of the meal for last.

I think I am 0 for 2 for craft swaps. *sigh* The quilt I made was received by the recipient on October 1. Still haven't heard from her. Nor have I received a quilt. *sigh* I keep checking the Flickr Group hoping for new posts, but I think I am out of luck. No more swaps for me.

And I've caught Jaxon's cold.

Enough of the pity party.

I have another baby blanket top done. This one uses my rocket embroidery. And my new labels from Namemaker came yesterday. I had second thoughts about the white text on black background because since ordering I've noticed a lot of other tags like this. But I think they will look really nice. So now I can finish my stack of half complete projects.

Also, my book club, which meets in the neighboring "big city" about 45 minutes away, made the trek to my neck of the woods. We made a big event out of it and had the kids come along to paint pumpkins.

Here are the big kids:

And here's little baby Jaxon:

And finally I was going to share the recipe for the dinner I made tonight, but it was so super yummy that I overate and now I don't even want to THINK about food.


Thimbleanna said...

Gosh, sorry about the bad swap. I think there should be a blacklist somewhere for bad swappers so that swap organizers can check the list or something! Hopefully you'll be able to think about food tomorrow and post your recipes! LOL.

Josie said...

Boo for the bad swappers (it has happened to me too) and boo for the cold but hurray for the blanket it looks so cute and hurray for being so full you can't even wrote about food ;)

Jane's Designs said...

You have got to be kidding! What are the chances of it happening to you twice. Those are the odds that you would like for the lotto. Hope you are feeling better.

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