Nifty Gifties and a WIP!

My aunt and uncle just got back from Hawaii and brought us a couple of things:

This cute outfit for Jaxon to wear next spring, or if the weather stays like this he can wear it for Halloween and we'll do a Hawaii 5-0 theme!

This awesome tiki, the tag says "Winner Tiki," and that the owner of this tiki is determined and successful. Do you think any of these tikis have tags that say "Bad Luck Tiki" like the one on the Brady Bunch??

Also, I heard a rumor that my favorite artist, Shag, is designing a line of merchandise for Disney World. He did a line for Disneyland's last anniversary, and you can find many items overpriced here. If this rumor is true I must make a trip to Disney and clean them out. Here is a Shag for inspiration:

And finally, I finished two baby blanket tops. You may recognize the wahine fabric from a past project. Also the embroidery is a Sublime Stitching pattern.


My Happy Turtle said...

Those baby blanket tops look great! I have sooo many babies to sew for this month and simply no time! It looks like you will be able to serve me up some fall this weekend -- the temperature is supposed to drop 30 degrees on Wednesday! Yippee!

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