Time flies when you're...busy

Wow, I just came up for air and realized I haven't posted in almost two weeks. My excuse is work, I have been so busy and trying to balance that with family time is tough. We are rapidly approaching the end of the quarter, and while that means wrapping up projects and grading papers, at least it also means a break is coming!

I haven't sewn much the past couple of weeks, but I have worked on a couple of things; and we have had a couple of nice fall outings (finally)!

I often finish an embroidery project and think the back looks cool and abstract, so for now here is a preview of the latest:

Also, my sister's birthday was this week (Happy Birthday, Jen!) and last month I found this travel mug that I thought she'd like:

So I made a "lunch bucket" to go with it:

You can't tell from the picture, but I used iron-on vinyl on the inside and included an elastic band to support the mug. It's also the first thing I've completed that includes a ModernJax tag!

We took Jaxon to the pumpkin patch down the street, and he loved the gourds:

And our street had a Halloween party last weekend, and Jaxon was Yoda (again). Good times!

PS I am reading a great book that has been hard to put down: "The Thirteenth Tale"


My Happy Turtle said...

Love the lunch bucket! Don't you just love those Namemaker tags?!

jessi said...

the bag turned out great! How did you like the iron-on vinyl? I have wanted to try it, but I'm afraid to.

Bonny said...

Hi Beth! I updated my snowflake pillow post with information about the pattern!

I love that pink thermos and my sister and I are dying over iron on vinyl. What a great idea!

Jane's Designs said...

We miss you!! Hope all is well and hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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