Poor sick baby

Poor baby, can't even stay awake through lunch

Jaxon came down with a cold this weekend...snotty nose, sore throat, coughing. We stayed home today, but, surprisingly, even with a sick baby I had a pretty productive day. I've learned to find small projects I can carry around as I follow Jaxon.

I got some grading done, a couple loads of laundry, and lots of fabric sorted. Also, I finished another baby blanket top...

My sister sent me a set of fat quarters and a charm pack from Anna Maria Horner's Pink Chocolate

...made some muffins from Heidi's version of Amy's recipe, and Jaxon seemed to like them...

...and, finally, while I followed the fussy baby around I worked on these center blocks for baby blankets.


Jane's Designs said...

Poor guy, tell Jaxon I hope he is feeling better.

I love that rocket.

jessi said...

We've all been battling colds here too!

I love all of your little projects here - especially your embroidery!

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