Necessary Fabric Hoarding

I finished a couple of gifts today but, along with a package I sent out last week, I can't share with you yet. I need to start making for myself instead of making gifts so I have something to post!

I did do *something* for myself. I've been drooling over Elizabeth House's new line, Red Letter Day. It's finally available and I snatched up a fat quarter pack -- (*justification ahead*) I needed to see the whole line to match to my dining room for curtains, etc.

Here's what I am thinking:

Trees = roman shade; Rings = french door curtains (this looks yellow on the linked page but is actually green); stripe = chair pads for the chairs currently without

I like how the tree print has black (like the furniture), green (like the walls), and orange (like two of my vintage chairs and the pads on the others). Thoughts or other ideas?

And, you know, you save on shipping if you place a bigger order (don't burst my bubble), so I picked up this as well:

I have a feeling this will be one of those prints that I can't bring myself to cut. *sigh*

edited to add: I almost forgot! I found out today that my tenure case has been approved. I am now an Associate Professor.


~Michelle~ said...

WHOO HOO! Tensure is awesome! Good for you! :)

And completely unrelated - what's the fun geometric print in the bottom photo?

Anonymous said...

WELL! look at you, with your fancy pants title! Well done!

Louise said...

Oh well done!!!! That is good news!

Loving all your fabrics - perfect for all those jobs! Such good colours.

Ferjenib said...

What???? You can't call and tell me these things? I am so proud of you!!!! I can't wait to see you. - J

pinajean said...

Tenure warranted a phone call to your button-bustin' parents. We love you, M&D

urban craft said...

I have aspirations to be a fabric hoard myself. Besides little things for around the house, mostly everything I make goes out the door.

jessi said...

I love that fabric too - I had no idea it was even in the works until I saw it on another person's blog. I may have to do a bit of hoarding myself.

And congratulations on your tenure! What an acheivement!!

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