Spring Swap

Thanks for all the kind comments about my tenure. My director has received a copy of my promotion letter, but I have yet to see my copy, so I have been joking that this is all an elaborate hoax. But it better not be!!

Courtney and I are swapping again (we can't be stopped). We decided on a spring-themed mini quilt with embroidery and one other item. I was inspired by her post about Jay's Meadow, and, as usual Project Improv. You may need sunglasses for these pics -- the quilt *is* bright, and it was an extra sunny day -- and my batteries died before I could shoot more than a couple of pictures.

I drew some flowers on linen, and then embroidered using two different shades of pink. I filled in all the blank areas with french knots, going for the look of a wild meadow.

After some machine quilting, I had the perfect spot on the back for a label...

Whoops, this is before I stitched down the label.

And I also made a necklace out of fabric covered beads (Midwest Modern Ohio Sky). I love how this turned out (I *must* make one for me) but I am a little concerned about its staying power. Courtney, keep me posted on how it wears!

My batteries died right after this shot, and I was too lazy to dig out the fully charged set, so this will have to do.

Also, I've been meaning to "comment" on this post by Joanna about turning off commenting on her blog. Can you other bloggers identify with this? I can, but not completely. I *do* feel guilt about being a delinquent responder to comments, and I agonize over you "no-reply" commenters (commenters who only leave a name, but no way of responding via email). I always think, "Does she know I can't respond, or does she think I'm ignoring her thoughtful comment?" When the no-reply commenter has a blog, I always try to leave a comment....but wonder if it is enough. Oh, the angst!

I also identify with Joanna feeling sorry for herself for not getting "enough" comments. I recognize that this is ridiculous, having a blog is not a popularity contest (and admitting my insecurities has me insecure), but there it is.

I think, though, for me blogging is not just about throwing my thoughts/work/family out there into the internet ether, but making connections with people who, although aren't geographically near me, share a commonality. Whether that commonality is crafting, or caring for a toddler, or balancing a career with both those former things, it's nice to have friends who understand me....even if they don't "know" me in a traditional sense.

So I am making the choice to leave my commenting "on." I look forward to hearing from you, old friends.


Rachel said...

Your mini quilt is beautiful, Beth, I love all the bright colours!
I love the "connecting" part of blogging too, but I admit that I do not always get round to replying to comments. I think we're all in the same boat on that one though, so I hope that people understand if I don't reply to them, the same way that I do if I don't get a reply when I've left a comment somewhere.
Congrats on your promotion too!

~Michelle~ said...

Love your quilting on the mini - what a cute design! And that's my comment!

Anonymous said...

I love the mini quilt. The necklace is great too. What a nice swap.

I get lazy about commenting as I'm not on Blogger, so I have to make sure I'm looged in at Wordpress to comment. Sometimes it's too much effort.

MJ said...

I love the brightness of your mini-quilt!

As for commenting, I usually don't post things that are too personal that I'd take offense if I receive a critical comment. But then, I haven't received any critical comments.

I agree with Joanna that blogging makes me more conscious about others. I am curious about comments to my posts and tend to lurk at my computer and wonder "why no comments?" but then I realize that I'm not writing for comments. I have to remind myself.

I also don't generally respond by email to comments. I visit that person's blog instead and leave a comment.

Blogging is time consuming. Whether I will be able to manage it when I return to work, I don't know. I'll try because I do value the "relationships" created via technology. I find this the most interesting element of blogging!

Thimbleanna said...

I love all the embroidery touches on your little quilt Beth -- very cute! I saw that post about the commenting -- I have another blog friend who has also turned off her comments. I can definitely see the advantages to turning comments off. Mostly in time savings. I always feel like I need to go read the blog of someone who comments and that becomes really time consuming!

Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous mini-quilt!! Of course I love it with all that brightness!! Yes I also feel guilt about not responding as much as I should etc etc but I LOVE the feedback and hearing what people are doing through the comments! It also allows me to see new blogs and meet new people - priceless =]

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