May Already??

I haven't posted in awhile thinking I didn't have any pictures to share (and I hate a photo-less post). I had two projects I couldn't show you, so I avoided posting. When I downloaded my photos from the camera this evening I realized I had plenty to show you: I have the cutest boy in the world!

I *can* show you one of the projects -- my mom's birthday quilt. Mom's birthday is today (Happy Birthday), and we gave her the quilt yesterday so I am now safe. You might remember this quilt top from way back here. I put it on the back burner when I thought mom might suspect she was getting it for Christmas. I am happy to say I finished this in time to include in my Spring to Finish. I need a hand quilting break for a bit.

Speaking of Spring to Finish, Jacquie is doing a second in May (because some of us have a lot of WIPs to finish)!! I'm hoping to get two or three half-done projects off my plate, and will be including the painting of my sewing room on the list.

In non-crafting news, we took Jaxon to Final Friday in April, and let him look at the trains. He was a bit disappointed he couldn't climb all over them, but still had fun.

Also, in my April roundup:

We ate watermelon...

...and put paper towels on our heads.



Thimbleanna said...

What a little cutie Jaxon is! I love the watermelon photo. And your mom's quilt is really pretty -- very cool hand quilting!

Molly said...

I love the hand quilting on your mom's quilt! Very cute boy too!

Ferjenib said...

B - Jaxon is such a ray of sunshine! Mom's quilt looks super, too. Love - J

Beth said...

love that quilt! your little guy is so cute and silly!

MJ said...

I've never tried the paper towel on my head trick. Looks like fun! I think I'll try it!

Ravenhill said...

Such a sweet smile there at the table!! And this quilt is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the quilt. Every time you post a photo of Jaxon I am struck by how quickly he is growing up!

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