In the blink of an eye

The week is over in a blink! It's hard to believe Mother's Day was a week ago.

We went handmade this year (kind of including my gift -- a GC to FatQuarterShop.com). I made my mom and my MIL pillow shams. Jaxon's school had a fundraiser over the holiday where parents could by their children's artwork on mugs, matted prints, tshirts, postcards, and squares of fabric. I used Jaxon's tree as the center square with this cute tree-themed fabric from JoAnn.

I got one shot before Jaxon hijacked the pillows.

After that, I got one more shot off before I was told no more pictures!

I also made rice therapy packs for my sis and SIL. They were inspired by one I received from Courtney (that I never got a photo of because it's been in use all the time). I kind of miscalculated the amount of rice necessary and I now have a giant mixing bowl full of lemon and eucalyptus scented rice. Or as Charlie says, "lemon pledge and mentholyptus."

Now that these gifts are done, I've decided to challenge myself. Can I make a quilt in a week? Not a doll quilt or a table runner -- but an honest to goodness quilt-sized quilt! I had all the fabric cut for my beach/picnic blanket so I started sewing blocks on Wednesday. Here they are as of this morning, they are now sewn together in a quilt top.

This was probably a really bad challenge to do during the school year, but I have so many WIPs I wanted to see if I could actually complete something start to finish in a shorter time frame than the year it usually takes me. Of course, I've completed the part I like -- now I need to piece the backing and baste. UGH. This won't be done by Wednesday -- too many papers to grade!! -- but maybe by the weekend.

And look what the mail carrier brought to my house this week: a swap package from Courtney. I was so excited to get this lovely quilt on the table that I forgot to also photograph the accompanying fabric coasters! Thanks Courtney!

This is called "April Showers bring May Flowers." Check out the *adorable* rain print!


Louise said...

Love the pillows! And I too have these moments of madness where I challenge myself to quickly produce a giant project - good luck!! I can't believe what a big boy your son is all of a sudden - isn't he gorgeous!

MJ said...

How soon kids insist on "no photos"! I used to go every 2 weeks to develop photos; not anymore. It's kinda sad. I'll have to work harder at this!

Love the quilts and home-made mother's day gifts! No wonder you've been quiet on the posting front!

Thimbleanna said...

Those pillows are perfect for the Grandmas -- very clever. Your quilt looks like it's going to be bright and cheery -- good luck on the finish. I love the cute little flowers on your new little quilt too!

Stephanie said...

Love the rice bag idea and scented too! I have a buckwheat bag. So very therapeutic. Wish mine was scented.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed my Mothers Day present! It smells great!!!! Jaxon is so stinking cute. You have good genes.

The WoodLand School said...

You got a gift card to FatQuarterShop?!?! You're the luckiest mama ever!

(Well, between the gift card and being Jaxon's mama, that is!)

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