*&^$% Bells

*Thanks for all the auction love. I'll let you know as soon as the tree skirts arrive.*

When I saw Anna's glittered bells, I was immediately smitten. Glittery and retro, they *needed* to adorn my front door (preferably in aqua). Little did I know how frustrating the search for the materials would be!

1. Look for bells at JoAnn. Yes, the materials list says Kmart, but JoAnn is more convenient. Only find giant 10" bells.

2. Go to Michael's. I haven't been in a Michael's in years. Now I remember why -- the two closest Michael's are really junky and hard to navigate. Are they all that way? I could only find red Martha Stewart glitter and it was $10 per container. No bells. No thanks.

3. Today, armed with coupons from the Sunday paper and Anna's advice that she found bells at Michael's, I head to location #2. I asked a sales associate if they have anything even remotely resembling plastic or metal Christmas bells. No, only cowbells. HRMPH. BUT...the large containers of glitter are on clearance at this location ($6 still seems a lot for one container of glitter, but I'm going with it). They only had silver and aqua (SCORE), but it's not standard glitter, it's tinsel glitter. Again, I'm going to go with it. On my way out I see a woman buying a Christmas ornament that look suspiciously like a Christmas bell. Back to the ornaments...and I find two silver plastic bells.

So here is what I have:

Let's see if they get done and up before Christmas. Don't hold your breath.

By the way, while at Michael's I overheard a woman ask if they carried any Hanukkah ornaments, and the sales associate responded, "I'm sorry, we don't have anything like that." Wow.

P.S. Every time I typed "bells" I typed "balls" first and snickered. Sorry, Anna, but something about "Anna's glittered balls" just made me laugh.


Erin said...

[snickering aloud] "Anna's glittered balls?" Bwah! :D :D

The Michael's here in Lansing, MI is the same way. Stuffed to the gills, sort of randomly put together... not fun. I braved it on Friday in search of stuff I couldn't find elsewhere, and it gave me an attack of the trots. Not worth the trouble!!

Good luck with the glittered balls. Bells.

Jessica said...

Well thank you very much! I was reading your post just fine until the last sentence. Now I can't seeme to say the word BELLS. It keeps coming out BALLS!!!!

Thimbleanna said...

You're so bad!!! (I do have to confess, I had the same problem with the e and a when I did my post!)

Sorry you had such a had time with the supplies. We have a beautiful Michael's. Glad you didn't get JoAnn's balls (you bad girl) - they're much too big.

And aqua! That's a pure stroke of genius right there! I can't wait to see them!

The WoodLand School said...

Balls! You said balls!
hee hee hee
Ummm ... can't wait to see them (?!?!)

Meagan said...

Yeah, Hannukah ornaments seem a little sacrilegious? Although I do have a stocking that my sister made for me that is made out of Hannukah fabric, which also seems totally sacrilegious and yet totally adorable and I do pull it out every year so...

FerJeniB said...

B - Are you also making chocolate salty balls for the holidays? I know the feeling about Michael's. Ours is brand new and still manages to have none craft stuff I need AND has a crappy lay out AND is packed to the rafters. It's kind of like going to Home Depot for a single screw. I actually drive 20+ miles away to go to Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc. Don't get me started on our ghetto Jo-Ann's. - JB

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