Do most people bring home fabric as souvenirs of a vacation??

I do!

Courtney and I hit up a few Austin quilt shops, with some excellent clearance sections...

Clockwise from top left: Blooms, some Halloween prints, a print each from Pop Garden and Katie Jump Rope, and some Eric Carle prints.

....and we came up with an AWESOME idea for a simultaneous challenge using these fabrics as a jumping off point.

Two rainbow prints from Timeless Treasures and, for my challenge quilt, orange Katie Jump Rope and red something with no selvage.

And when one fabric-aholic visits another, the stash infects them both. Courtney sent me home with some of hers.

A funky skirt I'll be wearing as a capelet, a retro vintage sheet, and my infatuation with Christmas prints continues.

I did come home with some "finished" souvenirs. My favorites:

Three Mexican glass bracelets from El Mercado, and THE BEST fabric bag made by Benjamin. I'm hoping it will fit my new iPad.


Jackie said...

You've got some beautiful fabrics there. I really enjoy all the dots!

The WoodLand School said...

I can't keep my hands off my new fabric stash! We got some amazing treasures! Yippee :-)

Catherine said...

This must have been procured at the famous Quilt Store in the Village, no? I used to live in Austin and no fabric store has measured up.

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