One Down....

Another great thing that came from our trip to Texas -- a kick in the pants from Courtney. When I started listing my WIPS and mentioned one that only needed the binding hand sewn she looked at me with disbelief. "But that's one night of work!"

This quilt has been in the making for almost a year. I sewed the binding on and took it to the beach last July with the intention of doing the hand sewing while I basked in the sand. Didn't happen.

And then we got home and summer ended, school started, and more exciting projects reared their heads. And a boy needed to be played with.

Apparently Courtney is faster at binding than I am. This took me more like three nights.

But it's done and crossed off my WIPs list. And it's spring!


Jackie said...

I really like this quilt! It's bright and happy and I like the fabric with the states on it. You know, sometimes those projects just have to sit until the time is right. Nice finish!

The WoodLand School said...

Good for you -- this looks great!

(I confess to a wee bit of exaggeration ... but if I had told you it would take 3 nights, would you have even started???)


~Michelle~ said...

yeah, i spent 3 hours binding a lap quilt the other day and only got about 1/3rd done...i'm super slow and need am missing a thimble

Thimbleanna said...

It's adorable Beth!!! I LOVE the pretty colors. And that last shot is so cool!!!

Rebekah said...

This quilt is so cute! The colors are so bright and fun and perfect for spring!

I am a slow hand sewer too. It usually takes me a night per side to finish up a big quilt

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how we procrastinate when just a short spurt of focus will finish a job.

Good on you for having the perserverance to finish that spectacular quilt!

Annalia Romero said...

Oh, it only took so long because it's a HUGE quilt! ...and hugely beautiful - aren't you glad you did it?!

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