Things at work have been busy, but I'm on a deadline for the Fall Fabric Postcard Swap so I needed to get sewing! Postcards can be Halloween-themed or Autumn-themed. So far I've done one of each.

One more to go before Friday!

And Charlie picked a bunch of our limes to make a Key Lime Pie. He went ahead and sliced some mini-wedges. Too cute.

The next few weeks will be extra hectic with preparations for Quilt Market and the usual work business, but I'll find something to post!

P.S. I am wearing a sweater today. Yay fall temperatures!

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MJ said...

We had lovely weather today ~ no necessity for a sweater for a change! I hope to be sweaterless for a bit! Your temps must be much warmer than ours this year!

Great looking postcards!

The WoodLand School said...

These postcards are just marvelous!!!

Don't pack up your summer clothes just yet ... Houston will have plenty of heat left by the time you're in town :-)

Thimbleanna said...

Those postcards are ADORABLE! Very, very cute! Are you going to quilt market???

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