On Friday, I noticed the next round of Old Red Barn Co.'s quilt along had begun. I took part in round one and round six, but hadn't planned on taking part in this round. There is just much too much going on. But there also seemed to be oh so many reasons to join in....

1. Size. This round is a wall quilt/table topper -- less than 3 feet square.

2. Theme. I'm a sucker for Christmas-themed anything.

3. Availability. Not only do I have everything I need on hand, but I had been lamenting the fact that I hadn't used this fabric line yet. The clincher: I seldom buy charm packs but I had one from this line, and of course this quilt calls for a charm pack.

So despite all the other crafty things I need to get done, I started another project. I auditioned colors for the inside strips today and I think I am going to go with the teal linen (from my Krakatoa! project).

Fingers crossed I have this done by the end of the week!


Thimbleanna said...

Oh, did ya hafta link to that fabric? I have some sitting in the stash ... just another pile nagging at me LOL. Yours looks great -- I love all those cute triangles!

Trudi said...

Isn't that cutest, lovliest fabric ever! And your version of the quiltalong looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

It looks practically finished already! You'll have no trouble getting it done.

Jackie said...

i have no doubt you'll finish this by the end of the week. You're almost there.

Is this a quilt along on a blog or a yahoo group? It's *really* pretty!

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