"Special" Wedding Gifts

How do I define a "special" wedding gift? One that is heartfelt, interesting, and easy on the wallet. As a college professor, I get invited to a lot of weddings of former students -- usually I only know one of the happy couple, and even then not too well. I could buy something from the registry (if I even know where they are registered), but it seems strangely impersonal and personal at the same time:

"Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. Smith! Mr. Smith, you did very well on last month's final. Here's a set of towels, think of me when you are drying off."

So here is my recipe for a "special" wedding gift. Find an Etsy seller who specializes in prints that strike your fancy -- and our reasonably priced. My favorite is Jellybeans. You might recognize her prints from my Mother's day gift.

Then take your new print to Hobby Lobby (sorry international friends!). HL puts their frames on sale for 50% about every other week.

This set went to a former undergraduate student and his bride.

Notice how well our lime tree is doing? And how I need to sweep the deck? This set cost me $20 for the prints and $15 total for the frames.

And this one went to a graduate student. She and her husband have a son a little younger than Jaxon.

This was $15 for the print, $1 for the matte, and $10 for the frame.

Yay for heartfelt, stress-free gifts!

My laptop is in the shop getting a new USB port, so I have been emailing, surfing, and blog-commenting a lot less. But I have been spending a lot of time with my iPad, and now that my camera connector has come I'm about ready to write an iPad review from a blogger's perspective. Stay tuned.

And some housekeeping:

Could someone make me this sweater? I don't have $400 for a Mario Bros. sweater. Thanks.

I really want to make these cupcakes, but Charlie doesn't like mint chocolate so I would eat them all. Want to come over and share?

-- Post From My iPad


Jackie said...

What a cute idea for a wedding gift! You don't have to worry about duplicates either.

I've been curious about your ipad experiences and looking forward to your blog post about it.

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes and peppermint? I'm on my way.

Great gift idea.

lorena said...

Have you seen this? Not a sweater but it's got the plumber. :)


I've purchased the pattern but I've yet to make it.

MJ said...

Altho tempted by you to buy a iPad, I cracked under pressure and bought a laptop. I hope I don't regret the decision! Happy iPadding this weekend!

Rebekah said...

this is such a great gift idea! I really love the tree print in the second photo.

ezeldabeth said...

my son would LOVE that sweater...i am wondering...i forget what it is called, but i am thinking i could purchase a sweater and 'over stitch' the bros...i wonder if there is a grid/pattern out there somewhere

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