Time Warp

The calendar says 2011, but I am finishing up 2010. Yesterday was my last day of vacation, the quarter began today. I got a lot accomplished over break -- lots of crafting, some work around the house, and 4 novels (and many magazines) read -- but could have used another week before facing the students.

I finally finished my Pay It Forward gifts. When searching through my blog to confirm recipients I discovered that my 365 days expired in November. I hope my Pay It Forward friends forgive me!

In each package I included:

A market tote in either pink and gray print or bright polka dots...

A small bottle of Best Press*

And not pictured...some Buckeye candy and origami wreaths. Now I can move onto 2011!

* A note about Best Press: When we visited Courtney last spring, she asked if I use Best Press. "No," I responded. "I use water. It's free."

"Well, it's really good," Courtney advised.

A local quilt shop was having a sale -- buy one gift pack of Best Press, get one free. So I've been using Best Press and I am officially a convert. Courtney, I am eating humble pie!

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The WoodLand School said...

Isn't it the BEST?!?!

I appreciate you toning down my over-enthusiastic "OhMyGod! I can't believe you haven't used it! It's the BEST THING in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD" leaping around, spittle-covered response ;-)

Jackie said...

I love Best Press too. I even use it on the (rare) occasion I iron clothing!

The tote bags are cute and I'm sure your PIF recipients were thrilled to get them.

Thimbleanna said...

Wonderful PIFs Beth! I could have used another week too -- where DID the break go? And you posted from your ipad -- do you love it? I got hubby one for Christmas and now I want one!!!

Anonymous said...

Received the PIF package today! Thanks so much, you were way generous and I appreciate it. As a school teacher, I love, love the tote!
Thanks again,

Leah said...

I received my PIF package today - which was a totally delightful surprise! Everything is absolutely lovely. Thank you. Leah x

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